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Ontology Staking
Round 21

18822 Blocks remaining
16% remaining [=====================================================================================_______________]

8.37 hours approx (Will be between 5.23 hours to 6.54 days)
24-Apr-2019 11:23:16 UTC

* This round has taken 4.58 days so far
* Round 20 ended on 19-Apr-2019 12:59:37 UTC and took 7.93 days
* Round 19 ended on 11-Apr-2019 14:38:09 UTC and took 8.07 days
* Round 18 ended on 03-Apr-2019 12:51:15 UTC and took 8.04 days
* Round 17 ended on 26-Mar-2019 11:58:42 UTC and took 10.58 days

* Ontology Block Explorer (
* StackOverflow

* Ontology Block Explorer (
* StackOverflow

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